Content Writing

Content writing is a service that mainly provides content to the websites and other businesses. Content writing is of various styles and differs from company to company. Remember, content is the king; the attractive look of the website will certainly bring visitors to your website but it is only quality content which makes sure that visitors read the website for a longer period of time. Content that has capacity to entice and engage visitors, is the best content. Website content writing focuses on two things which are; providing information and increasing search ability.

The main purpose is, to bring a particular website on top in a search engine. To achieve this, keywords need to be very well inserted in the content. It is not an easy task to write content that is well informative as well as has number of required keywords. Only a content writer with excellent writing skills and good knowledge can develop content that guarantees that visitors will read the webpage for a longer period of time.

Web Marketing Firm is proud to have a team of writers who are well versed with writing skills. These writers know the art of inserting keywords in a perfect place and make sure that every sentence holds a meaning. Our expert writers are known for generating traffic with their flair of writing. Many writers find it difficult to search for the topic and inserting keywords in an appropriate manner but our experienced writers do their job with ease and give out positive results.

Article Writing Article Writing (500-600 words) per page $15
Blog Writing Blog writing (300-400 words) per page $15
Press Release Writing Press Release writing (300-400 words) per page $10
Website Content Writing Website Content Writing(250-300) per page $12